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·       All of our puppies are wormed at 2 weeks of age and every week till they go to their new homes. At 6 weeks they receive a complete wellness exam by a licensed veterinarian and given their first set of vaccinations. Then at 8 weeks of age the puppies are given their next set of vaccinations before the new owner is able to take them home. West Texas Bullies will provide all vaccinations (except rabies) needed for the first year for free. The remaining vaccinations will be provided to the new owner when the dog is picked up, or delivered.  Click here to watch this video on How To Vaccinate your dog at home.  

·      Your new bullie will also have his/her ears taped up to make sure their ears are standing perfectly errect before they come to your new home. Click here to learn more about How To Tape A Bull Terriers Ears.

·       All new owners will receive records of their dogs vaccinations, wormings, wellness exams, a bill of sale, and limited AKC registration papers when the dog is picked up or delivered unless otherwise specified.

·       Please make sure your dog has a wellness exam by your local veterinarian within 10 days of purchase to initiate their normal scheduled vaccinations and wellness exams for the future.

·      An identification Microchip to help return your dog to you if they get lost or stolen, will also be implanted into your new bullie free of charge if you would like. Click here to learn more about Microchipping Your Pet.


·     West Texas Bullies will drive over one hour in any direction from Odessa, TX to help with the pick up of your new bullie if you are unable to have the dog delivered to you.

·    West Texas Bullies prefers you use a ground pet transport company if you are unable to pick your dog up personally. The pet transport company we prefer to use is Small Aninal Delivery who provides door to door service to your home at your cost. We have worked with them before shiiping bullies across the country. They have very high standards and are very reputable. We will help in any way to set up the delivery to make sure your new bullie arrives to your home as soon as possible.


·    If for any reason you are unable to care for your bullie from West Texas Bullies or any other breeder. Please contact West Texas Bullies and we will help in placing them into a good home.

At West Texas Bullies we strive for quality and stand by every Bull Terrier we sell. This health guarantee represents our confidence in the health of all our dogs as well as a statement of quality from West Texas Bullies.